Ted Hicks

Contact Information
Ted Hicks

Mortgage Loan Originator

State Licenses: FL, NV, OR


Ted Hicks is a seasoned Mortgage Loan Officer with an impressive track record since 2007. Known for his ability to navigate complex mortgage scenarios, Ted has earned a reputation as the go-to lender for saving deals that others can’t. His deep understanding of mortgage guidelines, various programs, and innovative solutions sets him apart in the industry.

Ted’s commitment extends beyond traditional work hours, offering weekend availability and rapid response times, emphasizing the importance of diligence and communication in every transaction.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs, Ted leverages over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience to excel in structuring loans for this demographic, ensuring their needs are met efficiently.


Additionally, his expertise with investors, including strategies for fix-and-flips, DSCR loans, and improving bottom lines, demonstrates his comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market.

As a licensed realtor with years of experience, Ted’s multidimensional understanding of the industry makes him a valuable asset to his clients, whom he serves with trustworthiness, knowledge, and a steadfast commitment to getting the job done.