Loan Application – Joaquin Robles

Contact Information
Joe Robles

Mortgage Loan Originator

State Licenses: NY


I am well prepared to help today’s first-time homebuyer with almost 40 plus years’ experience in closing home loans.

So, whether it’s help in getting the seller to accept your initial offer or referring you to a competent realtor in the area you’re looking in, I’m the NYS licensed loan officer you need in your corner.

Some of the ways I save you time and money:

a) Visit the property of interest to ensure that there are no obvious issues that may cost you money and delays as it pertains to your mortgage financing.

b) Have a constructive dialogue with both the listing and selling realtors on your behalf.

c) Carefully examine your finances to ensure you are purchasing within your financial means.

d) Go over financing options in detail.

e) Anticipate and fix problems before they become one.

The best way to reach me is at 516-993-2677 (7 days a week).

Ready to get started on your loan?

Loan Application – Joaquin Robles